Tony Perkins is a live events announcer for television sports, based in Tucson, AZ.


He brings more than 25 years of work behind the mic to live events, and radio, television, and internet broadcasts.


Tony's sports reporting experience ranges from college basketball to professional badminton, and includes stories on stadium design and studio interviews at the 2008 Summer Olympic games.


Tony specializes in play by play announcing for popular sports events as well as lesser-known international sports. He has the unique experience of covering every level of sporting event both in the United States and overseas.


Tony began his career as a news bureau staffer at Indiana University in 1978. In 2007, he brought it full circle by teaching broadcast journalism to Indiana students, many of whom have gone on to begin stellar careers of their own. Inbetween, Tony documented forest fires in Tennessee, and covered the courtroom trial of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer in Milwaukee.


He built his sports resume as a reporter at 10 Indianapolis 500s, 7 Formula One United States Grand Prix, NASCAR's Brickyard 400, 3 NCAA college basketball Final Fours, the 2000 NBA Finals, the 2002 FIBA World Basketball Championship, and the 2007 AFC Championship Game during the NFL playoffs.

In August 2008, Tony added the Summer Olympic Games to the list during a 4-year stint as a host-commentator for English language television in the People's Republic of China. He anchored a half-hour, twice-daily sports telecast from studios in Beijing, along with traveling throughout China for basketball, badminton, combat sports, powerboat racing, professional golf, snooker, soccer, table tennis, and volleyball.  Tony continued his work with China Central Television English News as its first sports correspondent in the United States.  At the same time, he reconnected with his teaching career, passing on his years of experience and unique view of international broadcast and internet journalism to college students at the University of Arizona, Tucson. 


Tony's resume is available on LinkedIn.com, where he is listed as Anthony Perkins.  His social media presence is Anthony E. Perkins on Facebook,  aeperkins on YouTube, and PerkinsSportsTV on Twitter.

See Tony's blog DOWN GOES FRAZIER  chronicling sports television in the 1970s, at https://sportsinthe70s.wordpress.com/


e-mail: tony.perkins.cctv9@gmail.com

Phone: 630 401 9123

Will travel wherever the event is located for sports television or digital play-by-play, per contract, game-by-game basis.